What is Sippy RX®?

The Sippy RX® is the most unique product ever developed that solves the age-old battle of administering liquid medicine to children. Parents, finally, you don’t have to struggle with your child ever again and it could not be simpler…no more drama! Children will never know they are taking liquid medicine!

The Sippy RX® was designed to be very easy to operate for any parent and is so kid-friendly; they will want to drink from it every day!The Sippy RX® is made from high impact FDA approved materials and is also free of any BPA materials. This is reassuring to parents with concerns about hazardous materials in children’s products, especially food or beverage products.

The Sippy RX® 2-in-1 design was made to be used as an everyday drinking cup as well as a liquid medicine delivery system. By using it daily, a child will not associate the cup with medicine or being sick. This everyday practice is “highly” recommended as part of the deception process.

The Sippy RX® has basically three parts: a cup, lid, and a silicone medicine tank cap. (Medicine tank is built into the lid, so it cannot be lost).

The Sippy RX® was designed to be the most effective and “BEST” liquid medicine delivery system on the market today and far into the future.